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FIBO 2017

2017-04-06 01:35

2017 Cologne International Fitness and Bodybuilding and Sports Facilities Expo

(FIBO 2017)

Time: April 06-09, 2017

Venue: Cologne International Exhibition Center, Germany

Exhibition cycle: one year

Sponsor: Reed Exhibitions Group

Exhibition Overview:

FIBO is hosted by Reed Exhibitions. Being an annual exhibition, it is the 33rd session this year. It is the world's largest professional fitness equipment and health products fair. The target audiences are health clubs, fitness product retailers, multifunction sports centers, fitness enthusiasts, health centers, health hotels, spa and health centers, sun tanning clubs, sports rehabilitation centers, public sports venues, leisure clubs, fitness enthusiasts, etc. It is the best choice for exhibiting or viewing commercial equipment.

At the FIBO 2016, exhibitors from China covered nearly 2,000 square meters of exhibition area. The exhibitors were located in the No. 6 and the 9b professional exhibition halls. Visitors visited at the booths at an endless stream in four days of exhibition. The companies were satisfied with the show and its atmosphere. More than half of the exhibitors reflected that their booths received more new customers than old customers. Some exhibitors received orders at the show site.

FIBO2016, with the number of 150,000 visitors, once again refreshed the record number of 116,000 people in 2015. The percentage of the overall growth increased to 23%, compared with 19% in 2015, an increase of 12%, hitting another record in the 33 years of the exhibition.

From 2010 to the present, in a short span of 6 years, the number of FIBO visitors has tripled, and at present, the show has become more international, professional, and more diversified. The number of professional visitors has reached 83,000 from 100 countries, and there are 960 exhibitors from 40 countries (725 in 2015); the total area has reached 160,000 square meters (130,000 square meters in 2015). Through the continuous adjustment, the exhibition hall has become more reasonable and more professional.

Among the Chinese exhibitors that participated in the exhibition, more than 1/2 came to the exhibition for the second or the third times. The repeated participation rate is very high. The intention exhibitors and visitors who called to consult about the exhibition during the preparation also showed a significant increase over the previous year, reflecting that the Chinese people’s attention to and awareness of the FIBO show is also rising with the development of the exhibition.

The sporting products from China were also in wide varieties. In addition to the fitness products, sports exhibits also began to appear in the Chinese pavilions. Most exhibitors said that they would come back to the show again next time.

Range of exhibits:

Fitness equipment and accessories, gym equipment, fitness clothing, beauty equipment and cosmetics, massage and health equipment, gymnastics and martial arts equipment, home fitness equipment and clothing, slimming equipment, medical and rehabilitation equipment, health and fitness counseling, sports nutrition, aerobics exercise products, sunbathing machines, sauna facilities, SPA equipment, bicycles, indoor soccer, health and recreational equipment, children's leisure facilities, outdoor fitness products, elderly and disabled fitness equipment.

FIBO 2017 FIBO 2017
FIBO 2017 FIBO 2017


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